As a fitness ethusiast you know this scenario too well:
At the gym - pen and paper in hand to note details about weights and repetitions.

At the beginning this seems like a good solution, but increased training sessions and too many pages lead you to the question: Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have an app on my smartphone to take care of all the things you worry so much about, like individual training plans, weights, repetitions on each machine...?

The good news is: YOU JUST FOUND IT!

yourWorkout is your own personal workout diary. In a matter of seconds you can create individual training plans and assign exercises, repetitions and training units. Once your training plans has been created and defined you are ready to go! You will be notified by the internal timer, once your well deserved break between sets is over and you are ready to rock the bench again.... LET’S GO!

After the workout you can review all completed training sessions in the overview and admire the progress you have made on weights and repetitions. With the "export"-function you can get your data as a simple *.csv file to edit or analyse further via e.g. Excel.

Now available o the App Store

Training plans

Create your own individual training plans


Enter amount of sets and units per exercise


Timer for breaks in between sets/exercises

Alarm function

Alert (sound and/or vibrate) to signal end of break

Training history

Overview of successfully completed sessions


Export your data as *.csv